Lost Horizon

December 10, 2011
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Tell me, you huge dumb grave,
Who is the hero lying silent inside,
Where is his glory,
How can he still be silent seeing the horizon lost.

Tell me,
Where is the cicada’s chirpping,
Where is the crow’s lament,
And where is gooses’ goodbye party.

I followed some invisible traces,
With a hope to find the horizon.
There, a kind ghost said
In front of me was just a deep dark abyss.

On the road to the abyss
I saw skeletons standing with sad smiles.
Oh, ashes.
They smiled, for they would be burned into ashes.

I also heard devil’s singing and laughing.
In his cold and merciless melody,
I trembled bitterly and hopelessly.
I lost my to the horizon.

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