Oh Mother

December 9, 2011
A little girls scream,
in the hallways of her past,
bruises have faded,
but scars linger on,
a crack forms in to her soul,
the damage has been done,
as the depression deepens,
bruises are awaken to,
in the morning,
oh mother,
it is but a memory to you,
but in her eyes,
a nightmare that lives on,
a childhood full of torture,
you can see the pain stricken her eyes,
as each tear pierces the floor,
manipulated too many times,
to embody herself with guilt,
she weeps in her room,
where no one can descry the silent pain,
she lives nothing more,
than a scream of horror unheard,
"I love you,"
nothing more than a phrase without meaning,
oh mother,
lying in pray,
in hope of no tomorrow,
a little girls burden,
lies beneath the surface,
of a broken down,

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