When We Are Young

December 9, 2011
By Ashleeyy SILVER, Sacramento, California
Ashleeyy SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
If what you see by the eyes don't please you, then close your eyes and see from the heart. Becuase they heart can see beauty and love more then the eyes can ever wonder. <3

when we are young
we learn to walk
when we are young
we learn to talk
when we are young
we learn to share
when we are young
we learn to care

those are the basic things
we learn when were small
but as we grow older
the lessons get bigger and much harder to solve
we come across problems
when we don't know what to do
but the things we learn
will help us get through

when we grow older
we hear about love
we hear all those stories
about how two become one
when we grow older
we learn that that's not always true
that's what i thought baby
until i saw you

we do grow older
and we take some big falls
we do grow older
and we build up our walls
as the walls go up
the falls go down
and the keys to our hearts
are sometimes never found

that's the way i was
until the day i met you
my walls were up
my falls were rare
and i live most my days
with out any cares

now i thnk to myself every day
if i only did this or if i only did that
i know its not over
ill put up a fight
ill be here till the end
of every morning and every night
you'll look at me and ill look at you
i know you once cared and now i care too
we'll see each other almost everyday
i don't really know what else i should say
ill walk up to you
and we'll talk for awhile
we'll look at each other
and ill slip a smile
there's a couple more words
i want to share with you
i don't know if you'll care now
but i think I Love You

The author's comments:
i wrote this about a guy im like in love with...but then we grew older and we grew apart and i was never able to tel him i loved him

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