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December 9, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

I be the aggressor, the successor of man

A professor teaching kids with a suppressor in hand

The lesser of two evils the possessor of land

I'm the decider of fate so I guess you're the condemned and the damned

Check my dresser, I guess you see nothing but sand

Those are ashes of my victims that I burned in my pan

Roll up a 20 and sniff a line from my hand

Dope fiends need not read my rhymes they just won't understand

Ya'll credit cards and I stack cheddar through scams/

Money, cash hoes but most important is fam

They call me apocalypse because I signify imminent destruction

You step up and fall back down and you wonder why I question your reluctance

I write blueprints of elegant design so they can identify what caused death's construction

My IQ is staggering high like the charts of a wall street banker, I blow off the roof like an old oil tanker

You're a relic of the past I'm the Nostradamus of the future

I'll leave yo broken and torn put your stitch your brain together like natural suture

Acclimate yourself to studying the art of the wicked and violent nature

I'm more cold hearted than that iceberg destroying the Titantic so call me a glacier

I snap necks kid, like Enter The Dragon, better step up to m or fall off the wagon

You can't talk a big game little man you don't even know me

I'm more destructive than Katrina so you can do the same and just **** **

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