let me help

December 3, 2011
By deadly PLATINUM, Bloomingdale, Michigan
deadly PLATINUM, Bloomingdale, Michigan
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haters make me famous, blood on the dance floor

when you see a friend on the street crying what do you do

when he is upset bout his life how do you calm him down

when you look in his eyes do you know what he feels

dont ask him if hes ok cuz he'll just answer no

just tell him it will be all right i here dont worrie

im not going anywhere

feel free to hit me

feel free to yell as loud as you can in my ear

kick me hard if you want

i have no fear

i will always be here

weather you like it or not

im not leaving you like this

even if i was dead i still would not

look me in the eye tell me whats is wrong

i want to know now

let me help out

your my best friend

and you need help

let me do it now


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