Sister dearest,

December 3, 2011
By , Thornton, CO
Sister dearest,

I remember the day you were born
your eyes twinkled in the light
and I have never witness such innocence
than the first time I saw a smile on your face

I remember you growing up
I was there through it all
I promised to become that big sister that wouldn't let you fall

but somewhere down the road I failed

now you're eleven and
surely my promise has been broken

I am sorry for not being that person
you could look to for guidance

I am sorry you saw those scars along my wrists
you knew the truth but I tried to hide it anyway
I am sorry you found those diet pills the other day
I just really feel there's no other way
I am sorry you had to see me as I drunkenly stumbled over my words
I should've been at home teaching you about the world

I am sorry I can't escape this madness
I hope you never end up in this same blackness

I hope through me you can learn what not to do
And I hope you never end up like me too

I am sorry I haven't been someone you could look to for help
I am sorry I have left you with nothing good to say

I can't believe I've failed you
and remorse grows day by day

I am sorry I am everything I hoped to never be

but I hope I can leave you with this:
monsters lie deep within our skin
and they speak to us with a voice of deceive
but don't let them win
cause you'll end up just like me,
just like me

sister dearest don't let them win,
don't let them win

sister dearest,
I hope you can be free...

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