You vs. the future

December 3, 2011
By Anonymous

The dozen of roses
You promised me
Never arrived at my doorstep
I guess the mailman forgot to bring it to me
No matter how long I wait
I don’t think he’s going to bring them
Cant really say I blame him
Never mattered much to you anyways
Since you gave up on me
After all this time
I wonder if I could have done more
Maybe I could have
But I’m in a much better place now
I have a future now
And with you I wouldn’t have gotten it
I would have settled for less
I would have had you though
So it wouldn’t have mattered

The author's comments:
This just kind of came to me one day since it was cold out. To me its about putting something your whole heart into something and in the end not getting the results but you blossom even more because of it.

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