Things Will Get Better

November 1, 2011
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The scars don't erase the pain
The darkness that creeps on you in the middle of the night
Do you hear those screams?
Or are those just your thoughts,
Trying to escape from your head
They get louder and louder
And you think your only option is pain
Pain on your wrist, pain on your arms, pain on your legs, pain on your hips, pain on your stomach
Hurting yourself to get rid of the thoughts
Wearing the bracelets and the long sleeve shirts to cover what you have done
But that's not the answer
It is never the answer
Put the blade away, drop the scissors, think for a minute and
Take a look at yourself
Calm your mind
Know that you are better than this
Your body deserves better
You deserve better
Don't let it control you
It hurts me so much whenever I think or see that you have hurt yourself
Because you are hurting me too
I don't want you to hurt yourself
And I know that you don't want to hurt yourself either
I love you and I will never stop loving you
Things will get better
Things will get better
Things will get better

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