December 9, 2011
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There is no second you don't zoom past my brain.
The endless thoughts continue,
like when I slid my fingers through the dark brown waves of your hair.

Dearest part of my soul,
You yearn to untwine and separate the strings that bind,
But you seem to forget there was no tie,
Just one steel thread attaching two beating bleeding muscles.

Dearest heart break,
Why do you push away when you know I'm all you need?
You escaped happiness for eternal sadness,
I hope you are relieved.

Dearest glory,
You dream of fame and fortune,
Wouldn't God abhor?
Escape your dreams of immortal fame
and live with me on the Ireland shore.

Dearest Lover,
Guilty flooded the passion we knew
Drowning the pleasure you would persue.
You'd blame me for seducing you,
yet you'd continue the "apparent" growing issue.

Dearest 581 days,
You were the best days of my life,
Even when you were the worst.

I'll forever love you my Ireland Fairytale,
Yours Truly,
Ex Petite Amie

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