The face I know longer know

November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

When I looked into his eyes,
I saw the sparkle of a starry night,
But I look into them now,
And all I see is mud

I do not recognize,
The face I use to know,
And it makes me wonder,
If we were ever truly friends

He tells me he misses me,
And I tell him to do something about it,
He tells me he cares about me,
And I tell him I'm allergic to bull crap,

Why do the ones,
We care about most,
Always change in the end,
Leaving us wanting them back?


The one I love,
Who has disappeared,
replaced by this mysterious monster,
leaving me long forgotten

When I hear his voice,
There is hope,
When I see his face,
All hope is gone

Do I miss him?
Do I care about him?
Why can't I tell him to his face?
The face I no longer know.

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