Help Me

November 30, 2011
I’m building the walls extra high.
I’m closing in, I’m shutting down.
All systems are ready to go,
The plan’s all in line,
Can’t trust anyone.
Never going to let anyone in,
Not ever again,
Not after what happened.
I’m so terrified, but doing better.
Though I may be shaking inside
I’m ready for the world,
Prepared for life
And even happy.
Retreating away from what I
Stupidly once was.
This is the best thing for me,
Life is turning for the best.
Why can’t people see this?
Stop thinking that I’m a damsel in distress,
I’m anything but that, far from it.
I know what I’m doing,
I don’t need help from anyone,
No one can help me.
I can’t come back from where I’ve gone.
I can’t ever get back the person I was,
Or that people thought I was.
I don’t need anyone.
Closing the curtains, pushing away.
Shuddering and too frightened
To move or talk at moments,
But it’s slowing improving.
Don’t want the sympathy of yours.
Don’t want the help you offer.
I’m not that pathetic,
I’m taking this on myself,
Alone in this world
Without anyone’s aid.
Help is the last thing I need,
But please help me.

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GreenSerenity said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm
First I'd like to say that the last two lines were my favorite :) I kind of felt the poem lacked the descriptive words and metaphors, similes, etc. that are generally included in poetry, so maybe you could add some adjectives to make it more interesting. Great idea, though :)
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