A Seed of Hope

November 30, 2011
By akap97 BRONZE, Old Westbury, New York
akap97 BRONZE, Old Westbury, New York
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Once I stood tall, high above all,
I stood full, full of beauty,
Once I stood proud, proud of myself,
I stood happy, showering joy upon all,

However I now have changed,
I have disappointed those who looked upon me,
I have become a monster,
A thing of disgust,

Now I am crippled and old, hanging my branches in shame,
I am naked, with nothing to hide my misery,
Now I am shameful, reflecting on my vanity,
I am wretched, and can no longer enjoy.

However I now have realized,
That my time has gone,
That my reign has fallen,
That I must fulfill my duty to this world by leaving her,

For it is time,
That I must perish,
That I must say my farewells,
That I must leave,

Yet is it not odd,
That now,
When it is time to leave,
That I realize the true meaning of life,

For is it not odd,
That only death can bring us to realization,
That life is a cycle,
A journey leading to eternal happiness,

And although I must leave,
I assure you that I will come back,
I will once again grow,
Once again prosper,

And one day,
I will return,
Anew as a seed,
To fulfill my duty to this world once again,

And will once again,
Stand tall, high above all,
Stand full, full of beauty,
Stand proud, proud of myself,
And stand happy, showering joy upon all.

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