November 30, 2011
By Nicole__G PLATINUM, Delmar, New York
Nicole__G PLATINUM, Delmar, New York
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You know it’s wrong,
Yet you do it anyway.
You see how much it hurts,
But you go on with it.
You’ve turned your back on me
And everyone you used to love.
When did pleasing the enemy
Become the most important thing.
You’ve completely changed.
You used to not care what anyone thought,
Now your image is the most important thing.
This may be selfish, but
I used to be the must only one you cared about.
You’re a whole new person,
But no one sees the change.
Am I the only one who sees it?
Am I the only one cares?
That you’ve changed for the worst?
Am I the only one who remembers
The way you used to be?
Am I the only one who hopes
That here is good in you?
And that you may return?
I love you, well the old you.
I hate what you’ve become.
You’ve completely forgotten
Who you used to be.
You say we’re over.
You say it so emotionless
Like you’re saying you’re over a fad.
How could you be so cold?
How could you be so heartless?
You say to let it go.
How could I let go of
Something that became a part of me?
You say just forget it.
How could I forget
Something so unforgettable?
How did you forget?
How did you change?
Why can’t you just remember?
I hope you can remember,
Dig down deep and remember.
Remember who you are,
Please just remember.

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