Live, Laugh, Love

November 30, 2011
By Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
What matters most is not how much money you have in the bank, or what you have lying around in your house, it is the thing that will stay with you forever and never leave your side. That, my dear friend, is love.

Life isn’t about music.
Life isn’t about electronics.
Life is like a new born horse.
Its weak, and it trips a lot, but it will grow up to be
Big and strong.
Live life like it is your last day.
Live with anticipation and joy.
Live with all your heart and soul.
And most of all,
Live with love, friends and family

When you laugh,
It puts more time onto your life.
You can laugh at jokes, yourself, a moment in time.
You can laugh at parts in movies, times in your life, and even at a few friends.
You laugh because you care,
Or you know the feeling, and just because you have experienced it yourself.
You laugh because it is funny
And you laugh to be you.
Your laughter shows you're happy
And full of joy most of the time.
So go on.
Laugh at a dog picking at his butt.
Laugh at a person who fell because of being stupid.
Laughing brings friends closer, and it allows families to relax a bit.
So the next time you see something that is just utterly stupid,
Go ahead, laugh a little.
Laughter is the best thing for you in any situation.

Love is special in many ways.
Love is between two people and supposed to be shared.
When you love, you feel sparks and then
You get the feeling of true love.
Don’t waste the feeling of love.
It is all we have left in the world that is pure.

When you are gone, love is non-existent.
If you never allowed yourself to love others,
Then no one would have been able to return love.

So when you look at your special someone,
May it be your spouse girl/boy friend, or who ever
Look them in the eye, and tell them the one thing that counts most in life.
Tell them that you love them and will be there forever by their side.

Love needs to be cherished.
Cherish it as much as you can.
Because one of these days,
Love will not be with you, and you will need those moments to look back on.

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