Jack and Jill, What Really Happened

November 30, 2011
By Nicole__G PLATINUM, Delmar, New York
Nicole__G PLATINUM, Delmar, New York
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Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch the king some water.
They skipped and smiled with glee.
Each had a hand on the bucket
Swinging between them.
They got to the top and
Filled the bucket, but
They had grown every so tired.
Each took a sip of the water,
Angry expressions covered their face
Their hearts filled with evil
And all harmony was lost.
Both wanted to be the hero
That brought the king the water.
So Jack pushed Jill
And Jill pushed Jack,
One pushed a little too hard.
They tumbled down the hill
Fighting and screaming all the way.
Then Jack pulled a knife and
Stabbed Jill in the arm.
In her fiery she felt nothing,
She pulled the knife out
And plugged it into Jack’s heart.
Jill took the bucket and skipped away,
La la la la la, off to the castle.
Jill gave the king the water,
She became a hero and
All memory of Jack was lost forever.

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