The Time of Year

November 30, 2011
By no_way_around_it PLATINUM, Saranac Lake, New York
no_way_around_it PLATINUM, Saranac Lake, New York
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With Life Comes Beauty and Pain

As it drifts down slowly, sparkling as it goes
I watch in amazement, the first sight of snow
It glistens in the sunlight, making the world seem new
Magically it stops, as the sun hides I walk outside
Looking around, I touch the ground and feel the cold
It melts on my warm skin, every flake different though you can’t tell
Beautifully covering the ground and lakes
All around it seems to be cold yet friendly

The children scramble all around, jumping joy surrounds
I laugh at the sight, at what has happened this fine night
Having fun in the snow, will I look at it glow like the moon in the night
Soft ever so soft as I sit on my porch, watching it come down
It twinkles and swirls around and around till it finally hits the ground
The children try to catch it on their tongues but they haven’t won
It sped by too fast to catch
As I watch them run I think how fun
But I watch, listening to it fall it shines hitting the new world

Like a blanket it covers
Wonderful and clean, untouched it seems
It begins the new season will soon settled in
People smile; snowballs form in the air the
Happiness in their eyes as snow falls from the sky
Excited for the time of year, I cheer
Drifting everywhere, bring happiness to all children
Lovely and white, it will soon falls in the night

The author's comments:
There is nothing like snow. Nothing so pure, so perfect. It's impossible to resist it's allure.

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