Competition Rush

November 30, 2011
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Rising up out of bed
at the high blaring of my alarm
blood pulsing
Through my body
Waiting for the rush
That will be here soon

Falling into freshly washed
Wooly and warm pajama pants
Still half asleep
I hear yelling coming from
Moms huge mouth, screaming
We have to leave, NOW!

Swiftly snagging
The overstuffed duffel bag
I frantically packed
The night before
Filled with the necessities
To dance at a competition

I grown from the now attached weight
Wobbling down the stairs
Falling, falling
Caught by my mother
With a hearty laugh

I snag a deep breath
Catching a small whiff
Of he flawless muffin
Now placed in front of me
By her generous hand

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