November 30, 2011
By DijaT BRONZE, London, Other
DijaT BRONZE, London, Other
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I woke up early this morning
Earlier even than that ever present sun
Man had finally woken first, never ceasing
Every morning awaking in oblivious bliss
Not looking beyond the precipitous crag of the now o so weary window ledge

Before, above us we had the sun
And below the weary ledge
but this morning we rose before the sun
One hand on that weak creaking ledge
We saw not what was hidden under
But curiosity was to for the first time in millennia retrieve lost bravery

Now over the ledge we peered
and through our eyes the world was asunder
but once again we let our minds wander
And all things queer were once more unclear

As our gaze was distracted by those fatal burning rays
the ever present sun returned
knowing that upon our sons arrival it will be to late
Naive they are tricked by the sun's golden curves
No one will teach them to stare down that weary ledge

Hidden by the older ones, our curiosity castrated
bravery now only an aesthetic artifact
Now the world once more asunder upon that weary ledge
It only plots it crippling revenge.

The author's comments:
This is a time of austerity where younger generations will count the cost of mistakes made by past generations.

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