Anthem of the Asylum, in parts.

November 30, 2011
If you are reading this
Then I guess I’ve locked myself away,
Left the key in an old closet.
I don’t believe in purgatory,
I don’t believe in anything.
Sitting between four walls,
You’ll never find me here,
Never know of which walls I speak
Or if I decorated them with razor blades, or holly wreaths.
Then if I’m gone so are my felonies,
scented candles on my bedposts
Rose petals on my floor
Tangled underneath the covers,
Then if I’m gone then so are you,
If you are reading this, prepare to disintegrate,
If you are reading this, it is won.

Being a man is a simple task,
It asks only for the change in your pockets,
The hair on your forearms,
A lack of detergent and lack of direction,
I didn’t mean it.

I hold my chest out, breathe in, swollen
Eye sockets, I look at my own
Reflection. Non-existence is eminent and I can
Feel it you can feel it no together
Feeling of empty glass jars and the guess how much candy was once in it.

Solitary confinement,
Self-imposed solitary confinement,
Not self-imposed, self-imposed solitary confinement.
I’m driving in my car, alone.
If I want to, I can just crash into the barrier.
No one will be able to unlock my doors,
The key is in the closet,
I told you so.

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