Dead End

November 30, 2011
By SnowWhite13 BRONZE, Sackets Harbor, New York
SnowWhite13 BRONZE, Sackets Harbor, New York
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\"You all laugh at me because I\'m different, I laugh at you because you\'re all the same.\"

You can see it with her pink nose and in her watery eyes
Yet you all are at blame for ignoring her silent cries
Look at her now, she was found dead
With a knife impaled through her heart
And little did anyone know the thought of him in her head
For it wasn’t the knife that she used to pierce open her heart
She had died from the loneliness of a broken, desperate, forgotten heart
Her scars were on the inside
Which, is where the love was she needed to find
Yet she bottled her pain up inside
So no one could have guessed what was on her mind
Now ask yourself this simple question
Inside this one girls hidden depression
Was it suicide or a twist of fate?
Now you’ll never know
For now it’s too late……

The author's comments:
A acknowledging piece, to bring attention to the epidemic of teen depression and adolescent suicide. It's meant to hopefully help others suffering with depressing, and remind them that every one's decisions and paths in life aren't always perfectly strait forward, or smooth. The important thing is, no matter what twists and turn life hands you; you can always change the outcome, or choose where you want to end up. Nothing has to be a "dead end".

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