Workings of A Clock

November 30, 2011
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Going against the grain
Ticking counterclockwise

Another crime against humanity
Or at least behind the inner workings

Sitting on the hands of a clock
Controlling the length in the race

Listing to the constant mocking tick-tock
Silently, helplessly watching the seconds race by

Behind it’s sinister gadgets
And the working mechanics
Workings designed to go faster than your mind

Do the numbers really exist?
Or are the hands on a clock built to twist?

Is reality real or measured by time?
Or just another illusion placed in our minds

Manipulating and controlling Winning the race once again

Does it measure anything?
Or just used to count down another
wasted life time

The anxiety within the hour hand
Stops another heartbeat again

Striking, killing, with its mocking ticking
Destroying, devouring whatever prey
helplessly gets in the way

Sucking us into work its inner mechanics
Like the slaves it planned us to be

Sinking its viperous teeth into another wasted mind
Wasted heart, soul, wasted time

Turning something into nothing
Before making its way back around to midnight

To transform, hunt and feed upon the helpless, thoughtless,
The lazy,those who forgot to run

Those who have missed the starting gun
As soon as you’re born the dreaded clock starts ticking

And time is the only gift you are naturally given
So like the hands on the clock
Make each moment count

For in the end you’re yet just another innocent victim of yourself
In the game of life

In a world where your own dreams
the passage of time
Are betrayed right in their home,betrayed by your mind

You're own soul can't escape,
blood won't run or even start
when rejected by you're own very heart

So don’t waste the time in which you’ve been dealt
For you can’t afford to let the trinkets within the workings rust

Don’t let the lies and illusions discourage you for you’ll only waste

For you’ll only waste by
limiting your possiblities

listening to what others think
When you could be believing in the impossible

Ignoring the fear placed in our hearts from every tick-tock, ding-dong, and chime

For when you feel it sinking in, Sit back, relax, and enjoy life

Fulfil you're density and deliberately random dreams

For this mocking, nagging expressed from human gadgets

The axiousness within the concept of space and time
Only exist inside your mind

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