Your own Wings

December 1, 2011
By MadelineCarlson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
MadelineCarlson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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"Don't try to tie me down, or dominate me. I'm the one who chooses how to make my mistakes."

Life soars, sweeps, and flies before my very eyes
It’s sweet like honey on a biscuit
And innocent as a baby sleeping

It’s an egg waiting to unfold it’s self
And discover the empty unknown
Lines separate the prison cell at last she is free

It stumbles out without any grace
But free from any burdens

Steps are taken away from love
And care it was given
From the comfort and safety surroundings
From the ones who care for her most

Close to the edge of the soft pad made
Of twigs and leaves
As a big leap of faith
To the next breaking point in life
She spreads her wings

She falls under the pressure to be perfect
The regrets and mistakes she has made
Unfold on her wings

She staggers as she stands
This time she’ll get it right
For the days of love and laughter out weigh the bad

With wings spread wide
She tries to fly
She flaps her feathers fast and steady like a thunderbolt

Soon she is gone
As quickly as she came into this hateful world

Shes soaring and sweeping
As she looks life in the eyes
She flies

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