November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

This feeling is ripping at me
It is hurting
What is this horrible feeling like the feeling of someone dying?
I sigh and put my things away
but the pain just won't go away
I feel like I've died
I want to crawl in a hole
This is too overwhelming
I have become numb now
Soon it will be over I smile now knowing what this feeling that is killing me
It is grief, depression, the feeling of being lost...
And in these final moments I laugh at myself
I was too stupid to notice the misunderstanding before...
I had caused it and now I am ending it

The author's comments:
this was when i thought i had hurt my friend but she was actually just not going to tell her that she was the first person to make me depressed because i was worried about her...
it was creepy though..the poem..
i had hurt her again and i had said something was a misunderstanding e-e

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