Soundless voice~

November 30, 2011
By applewolf GOLD, Long Beach, California
applewolf GOLD, Long Beach, California
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They speak for us in many ways
Emotions are spoken through these words we speak but-
my voice is blind
The words I can't speak fill me with despair
I sit in my colorful abode remembering the colors
I speak them aloud but again I can't hear my voice
Endless times I wonder what it sounds like
I ask what it sounds like but I am not answered...
Endless wondering
Searching for myself
The others look at me with pity
I want this to disappear because this feeling is only for people who think us with
can not do anything
This angers me
They tell me not to use my voice
I do anyways because it is my freedom,
I laugh at the people who stare at my crazily
I'm over the instructions for my life
I'll run down the streets screaming random things so that people will remember my voice even if I can't
Deaf I scream, I am deaf
I scream running down the street in the early morning fog
My voice will reach the world even if I can't hear it

The author's comments:
This just came to me one day
P.S. I am not actually deaf :3
Enjoy please comment cuz i'll give you a cookie!


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