December 1, 2011
By NAGaunt_stories BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
NAGaunt_stories BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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It’s difficult for me to realize that you’ve passed me by,
As I stood still.
That you’re far beyond,
And I’m still here.
What’s the sign you left?
I felt that there were many.
Looking back,
I feel as if I could’ve saved you.
I knew you were struggling and didn’t know how to
I never knew anybody who left,
Who left like you,
With such a vivid memory of what you were.
Who you were.
It’s like you’re still here in flesh and blood.
In front of me,
I see you.
I hear your voice.
You’re here, I know you are.
I know so well, I’m trying to make myself believe the lies.
You’re invisible, it’s your best disguise.
I’ve always sympathized.
I never imagined your demise,
This is it.
It’s the end.
You’re gone,
I’m left with only memories of you.
How it hurts to remember because all I want is to take you back.
Almost so selfish as to not care you’re in a better place.
Here is where you belong.
But you made your exit; you made your great escape.
Your grand disappearing act.

The author's comments:
Dedicated To/Inspired by my friend who passed, Kyle P. ]=

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