'this guy'

November 29, 2011
By , west baldwin, ME
this guy, takes my pain away,
i hope this one is here to stay,
this guy, makes me smile when im sad,
he makes me happy when i'm mad.

this guy, has a smile so bright,
when i hear his voice.. it seems so right,
this guy, makes me forget the other guys,
when he says my name.. my heart flies.

this guy, is my everything,
i hope this isn't just a fling,
this guy, is best out there for me,
it's clear for everyone to see.

this guy, makes me feel so amazing,
and his eyes are so dazing,
this guy, is the one i want to have around,
because he's the only one that can make my heart pound.

this guy, is my baby boo,
he says he loves me too,
this guy, is so incredible it's crazy,
he makes my mind go a little hazy.

this guy, is the real thing,
he makes my thoughts ping,
this guy, makes me wanna fly,
he's mine, no lie.

this guy, when he say's 'i love you' it makes my heart melt,
it's the best feeling i've ever felt,
this guy, i can see me being with for awhile,
he makes me get the biggest smile.

this guy, makes the stars shine brighter,
and my body get tighter,
this guy, is something every girls wants,
the kind of guy that haunts.

this guy, is my one and only,
because i know he won't leave me lonely,
this guy, is my last,
because we both say 'f*** the past.'

this guy, makes me smile from ear to ear,
he's a familiar voice that i'm always happy to hear,
this guy, can amount to anything,
i hope someday.. he will give me a ring<3

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