Forever You And I

November 29, 2011
By ADawn BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
ADawn BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
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Happing endings in fairy tales are never true
This is a story about me and you
The one who I lost and have always been in love
I never got to tell you how I feel, now that you are up above
My mind always comes back to you Dre
With you is where I want to lay
I’ve been holding back my love for years
Now that joy and happiness you brought me is in tears
I meant to tell you the day you went away
Too bad my emotions are still in my heart, where they will always stay

When we were little, I thought your cooties were real
That’s why I would use the word hate to tell you how I feel
Our parents set us up on a billion of play dates
Therefore we eventually became best mates
You were like the left hand to my right hand
To be without you I couldn’t stand
I could tell what you were thinking just by the look on your face
It became so fun, I made it like a race
Our love for each other’s friendship felt so strong
I think even my cat could tell it would survive forever long

Just like a fire, relationships burn out
Sometimes I prayed we were just going through a drought
But it wasn’t, high school was full of too many cliques
It didn’t even matter that I knew you since I was six
You were the hot jock playing football
While I was the dork who couldn’t do anything right besides fall
In the halls we’d pass each other by
You didn’t understand how much it hurt that you wouldn’t say hi
Just once, I wished you would lock eyes with me
That one look would make me dance through the year with glee

It was the beginning of 3rd period senior year
When you walked through that Spanish door and made my heat race with fear
I was so nervous to have a class in the same room
But then you sat next to me and my heart started to bloom
You turned to me with a big smile
That’s when I knew your mind still had our memories on file
We started to reminisce on our past
I was so glad you were my friend again, at last
After that day we seemed to be joined by the hip
You would even sit with me at lunch which made your friends flip

You would offer me rides home
I wanted our conversations to last forever I began to wish we were coming from Rome
After school one day you met me at my locker
You wanted to drive me home, what a shocker
Something I wanted to tell you all day was on my mind
The courage to tell you I love you, I was trying to find
I said Dre, and you looked my way
Then all of a sudden, the ground was where I lay
You were right next to me, but you weren’t breathing
That’s when I knew all my life I would be grieving

The author's comments:
This poem is loosely based on the relationship I had with one of my best friends. We kind of drifted apart, and this was a way for me to express how much I missed that person. I hope people will realize that the main meaning of the poem is to tell people how you feel before it is too late.

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