November 29, 2011
By tlcx2014 BRONZE, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
tlcx2014 BRONZE, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
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"Life's Like a Jump Rope" (up, down, up, down) -blue october

A Foreign Land Has Taken Over Inside Me,
They Come Uninvited during the Rainy days of May
I visited the warrior, once twice, convinced myself I’d be okay
But I feel the places they have transformed, the perfections they have erased
I taste the bitterness of war, predicting battles I must face
So I smell the good scents of my childhood, and the bad ones that I hate
With plugged noses and smushed eyebrows and held breaths just in case
I hear the pounding of footsteps, their beat’s a drum song
Their beat plays over my own, telling me I don’t have long
That’s when I see the light ahead of me, a tunnel to the end
But I don’t take the easy way, that foreign land is not my friend
I fight their flags away from mine, take down their mast, and fight them back
No match for mine, their swords and guns
I have something that they have none
My drive to win, my stubborn ways
Therefore one rainy night in may
I accomplished something they never could
That foreign land is out for good

The author's comments:
this piece is about cancer, and the fight to overcome it. I had cancer in 2010, but it was not terminal, i exaggerated my experience a bit, but the feelings portrayed are real

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