The One

November 29, 2011
I have seen no other man since I have laid eyes on you.
It's as if Cupid had blocked my peripheral vision only to be replaced by a windowless tunnel that leads straight to you.
I strive closer to the light, the light that embodies your soul so brightly.
A soul so pure that the damned envy you and the angels can only stare in admiration.
You are the light that shines in the darkest of alleys,
and the day you had saved me from the most materialistic wants and needs was the day that you buried yourself within me.
You had taken permanent residence inside the walls of my mind, body, and soul.
The down payment was the first kiss we shared; so soft yet complex.
Our lips danced a passionate Waltz, while your fingertips foxtroted along my hips tracing the outline of my bones.
I wish it were possible to wrap myself around you for all of eternity,
so that our great-grandchildren may see our bones intertwined and snuggling comfortably within the soil confines of our grave.
Touching your lips against mine gives me the nostalgic feeling of a first high,
so like an addict I yearn to chase the dragon that has shot love straight into my veins.
You are my cannabis, my diamorphine, my crack cocaine.
Your love leaves my skin numb to the touch of others,
yet all of my five senses are heightened due to the compromise of your mercy.
The vision of your smile has scarred itself into the deep tissues of my brain never ceasing to fade with time.
Your voice has been embedded within my ears so that I may hear you whisper the words "I love you," from miles away.
Never mind any vampire's alluring scent, that girl's never had the opportunity to smell your sweet aroma.
If I dare touch, caution would be an understatement, for your touch sends lightning rods into my spinal cord with the potential of leaving me paralyzed.
I would not mind passing onto the next world with this feeling in my heart.
The loud, unsteady thumping of it would send the angels running from what could shake Heaven onto its knees.
Yet my death would not be complete without the taste of your skin flavoring my mouth and causing an orgasm so pleasurable that no words could be found to describe it.
Your powers are beyond measure. You have given me a sixth sense.
I cannot fly, nor turn invisible to save myself against my enemies that dare hurt me so.
For that I have you, because your sir, are my hero.
My soul was steady tied onto the train tracks with me seeing the light ever so clearly embracing the feeling of despair and surrender.
Until you saved me from it all.
You are my sixth sense. My will, my everything.
And it is this fatal attraction that will be eulogized in my history as the one.

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