I Will Say "I Do"

November 29, 2011
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I do. Two words. Just two words.
They start a new life.
They bring together people who love each other.
Two people who can't live without each other.
Any two people can be in love.
Why can't any two people say "I do"?

From the moment we know how, we think about princes and princesses.
Every little boy wants a beautiful princess.
Every young girl wants a Prince Charming.
But what if I'm a boy and I want my Prince Charming?
But what if I'm a girl and I want my beautiful princess?
What if all I want is to be happy and live with the person I love?
I want to say "I do."
I want to stand at the altar with the love of my life.
I want to start my new life the way most other people can.

I want to wear the dress, or the tux.
I don't want to go home and cry every night.
I don't want to feel so different that life is never good.
I don't want to be me if I can't marry the love of my life.

Maybe I'll end it, then.
Maybe I'll take a knife, or a gun
And just end it all.

Maybe then I can be happy.
Maybe I'm not meant to be alive anyway, right?
That's what you would say.
That must be why I can't enjoy my life.
I'm useless, right?

Wrong. I'm a human being.
I'm a person with a heart, and a brain.
I can love, I can hate.
But here's the difference,
between you and me,
I don't hate.
I love.
And I want to be able to love whoever I want.
I am alive, and I should be.
Who the hell do you think you are
to deny me what everyone else has?
I will fight until I can't fight anymore.
Or until I don't need to.
I will not let you win.
You don't deserve to
if you can't acknowledge
that I am a person.
I am living.
I am here, on the same planet, breathing the same air.
I have rights, too.
I am allowed to be happy.

I do. Why can't everyone say those two words?
Why are people so willing to be mean?
So willing to hate?
I will be able to say those two words.
I will say "I do."

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