The Cost of Freedom

November 29, 2011
By ColeCope BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
ColeCope BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
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"The difference between the almost right word & the right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug."~ Mark Twain

Is it not in what we owe to those men who bring home freedom?
To owe love and to be of kind nature and maturity of the pledge
To what we owe to those men is of nothing less than an understatement
We owe love, but it is not so much that we owe it
We earn it through the attainable structures of warfare
When they come home
Or when they don’t

We Pride ourselves in our own follies that makes our habits and who we are not
But at the same moment those habits make you who you are rather than our own thoughts
Is it not our lose to cry over a lost soldier? Thus it was their gain for the glory which was at hand that day
Yet they are wrapped in Gods arms right now while a whisper among the clouds comes forth
Welcomes them and says “well done my good and faithful servant.”
These Souls were among the bravest, so that we could weep over the tempers in time
Whilst others had to suffer for us.

There are tangible beings still at risk today of such dangers
Not only overseas and in the homeland, Just as many in our grasps today
So that we may save another soul before they are welcomed
We must know that we are all a united people
That every one kind is the same and thus should be treated the same with equal rights and morals

As do the soldiers, so do I, swaying in the lines of solitude fearing the worst is about to happen in the midst of a cold war right here in the middle of America.

The feeling of lonely aquatenses now await my breathe as I walk to the end of the stream
Towards the enemy lines
Fearing the joys which are about to inspire me
Under my feet lie the ground
Under my feet lie life
Under my feet lie dead Soldiers
Under my feet there are shards of human existence scattered across a large field

I look down at my pink hands
I wisp my tale back and forth as if I am on a tight rope
I run to the end of the field
I have made America a little safer
A little prouder
A little taller
A little Stronger
I now hear the whisper of the clouds

What this poem is about and how to understand it:
I want you to take your own view of the this poem, But The initial understanding that I wanted to convey is: Point of view of America told in the perspective of a field mouse, going into a field knowing that it’s there so that the mouse could see if the field had a bomb under the ground, and at the end the mouse blew up. The mouse is also being compared to soldiers and regular everyday people. The mouse knew that he was going to die, but the mouse also knew that he was going to save thousands of people in the process. The mouse is a Hero, with all of those brave enough to encompass him as well.

This poem is copyrighted!

The author's comments:
I thought about all of those brave souls fighting for our nation and I thought that I needed to thank them for what they do and Their mindset in doing it. I hope that people will understand the sacrifice involved in Freedom and how valuable it is. I wanted to include that twist at the end to indicate that anyone and everyone can be a hero in the world and any one person can make a true difference in life.

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