The eyes of my teacher

November 30, 2011
By K.L.W BRONZE, N/A, Indiana
K.L.W BRONZE, N/A, Indiana
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living like your dying really is not life at all, it's more as if your preparing for death, so where in all of this is there a time to live?-me

Thoughts drift from one to the next,
minds flow clueless to the unknown,
their gazes waver from transfixed to hexed,
they stare as if there obedience has been over thrown,
 Yet I know they have no thoughts towards what I say, 
I feel as if they watch like zombies,
or have been zoned out this whole day,
yet I know from thier gaze thier eyes that they can see,
so I look at the profound face of one,
so I look at the mind that roars of knowledge and hope,
it may be few but it is some,
some minds in this case just one that can learn and help them all cope,  
That mind is the life and soul of my day,
For that mind helps them all grow knowing,
to wat I do to wat I say,
each second passes as that mind becomes unique it is growing.

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