Tuesday's Song

November 29, 2011
By Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Its that time of the week again
When Ma Cas breaks down in tears
When we all relive the horror and the pain
When Pa Sac is all smiles
When the strongest of us break into pieces and cannot hide the hurt

Its here again
Its Tuesday
When hearts break all over again
As we burst into melodies and harmonies
Into a song that forever is a glimmer of hope

Tuesday's song was her own
Short and forever memorable
Sweet lyrics sung from a bitter tongue
The sorrow of death in the joy of life
Pain some cannot take anymore
Pain some do not deal with anymore

It is a love song at its prime
A love song when the love is just ripe
A love song when it is just inspired, when it means the most
It is a love song when the love lives its truth
It is a love song when the love is true

It is as original as its composer
Irreplaceable and ever intricate
A love for all lovers
A beauty for all beasts
A harmony for all melodies

Tuesday's song is her truth
Her legacy,her beauty, her grace
With every word, a piece of her life
Cut short by charity, seen to an end by love
For love, she will live

Its Tuesday's song we all sing
With heavy hearts and lowly voices
Today, her day, not everyday
No one should have to live this way
No one should have to cry everyday

It is Tuesday's song we should sing
Not everyday because of the memory
Not one should be reminded of this song every hour
Our hearts go out to Ma Cas and Pa Sac
This Tuesday, every Tuesday

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