November 29, 2011
Sapphires gleam
On the banks of the spring.
Where rubies dwell,
And emeralds sing.
Where aquamarines flow
With the cool lonely bank.
And diamonds ride
The cool steady breeze
Across the endless turquoise.
Where garnets grow
On the bare, empty topaz.
And amethyst peek up
From a steady field
Of peridots.
Within the bank
The alexandrite perks up,
Wild and bright.
The wild jade that covers the hill
Stays so steady and still.
Just as the lapis's day begins,
The blank obsidian
Rises again.

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CrazyGirl01 said...
Jun. 2, 2012 at 7:57 pm
Please be careful of any ratings on all of my articles. Many of the bad ratings on here are from someone with a bad grudge against me. She only gives bad ratings of my articles, because she's trying to hurt me any way possible.
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