The Memories

November 23, 2011
Just a touch
Can bring back memories
They are vividly clear
It takes my breath away

I need to be strong
I can't let the tears come
But It may be too late for that
Tears are always going to come when I think about this

I have to get it out
I try to force memories away
But all they do is come back worse than before
I take the pain
Sometimes with regret and guilty
Sometimes with pain
And rarely....
With Happiness

It's over now
yes that's true
But it will always be there
In the back of my mind

I'm strong enough to handle it
To a extent
Right now
As a tear runs down my cheek...
I realize
That just maybe
I'm not healed
as much as I thought

But I know that these are just memories
They aren't real
At least that helps
This pain isn't here forever
It'll leave soon
Then just comeback later
But let's just hope that's not soon

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