A Mental Escape

November 23, 2011
By Still_Learning SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
Still_Learning SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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As the cataclysm rains down around me
And the tunnel of reality begins to collapse
The world fades in to a memory
And then reality is reduced down to scraps
Out of the hell my mind wanders
And behind him reality he leaves
There stands my ivory tower over yonder
Upon my arrival in the land of lucid dreams all pains are relieved
A place where imagination may roam free
Golden sunsets sit over calm waters painting this place for me
But this sight only I seem to see
My mental escape in which I'm the escapee
A time for what seems to be
An eternity

The author's comments:
Ivory Tower - a place or situation remote from worldly or practical affairs

This poem was made for a contest on allpoetry.com in which I was asked to make a poem describing "My Ivory Tower". This poem is made to signify falling asleep and escaping the hell of the real world and escaping in to my own dreams

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