Defying Gravity

November 23, 2011
By coliepo14 SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
coliepo14 SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
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A best friend can see the hurt in your eyes behind the smile on your face. <3

Gorgeous and fit at first glance,
A horse that has it all.
With a firey red coat,
And a white blaze down his face.
His eyelashes are short and thick,
His ears are fuzzy and small.
Two dents, one in each shoulder,
Made from his hooves while in the womb.
His tail is long, thick, and wavy,
A little frizzy at the top.
His mane is a Mohawk, red as fire,
Leaning slightly to the left.
There’s a white sock on his left hind
And a stocking on the right.
His hooves are dark grey in the front,
And light gold in the back.
Gorgeous and fit at first glance,
A horse that has it all.

What you cant see without looking hard,
Tells a different story.
Two deep scars ,
One on each hock.
A long one on his sock,
And another all the way around his leg.
White hairs on his withers,
Indicating previous discomfort.
A scar on his left knee,
Where the hair will never grow back.
Another nick on his face,
But nothing that compares to the large one on his back.
Gorgeous and fit at first glance,
The image of a horse that has it all,
Covers the remains of his hideous past.

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