Perpetual Passion

November 23, 2011
By coliepo14 SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
coliepo14 SILVER, Leominster, Massachusetts
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A best friend can see the hurt in your eyes behind the smile on your face. <3

September 27, 2007;
It was the first time I saw you,
And honestly, I hated you.
You were over weight, under muscled, and untrained.
You were nothing I wanted.
My parents and trainer thought you would be a good horse, and because I was 11 you were kind of forced upon me.
You didn’t know how to jump,
Our personalities didn’t click,
You were disorganized, behind my leg, and had no manners.
I didn’t want you.
I figured everyone would realize you weren’t the horse for me,
I gave you a year. Tops.
However, a year later you were coming off your suspensory injury and I realized I was going to have to rehab you and train you more before you weren’t a horse anyone would buy.
Over this time we went through many changes;
We moved barns, switched trainers, and something special happened,
Cutter Farm jumpers in 2008.
On this day, your first show over fences, I realized this might work out.
I decided I would give you another chance and we grew closer and closer and I finally let you into my heart.
But about 12 months later, I gave up on you. I promised you I never would, but I did.
I put you up for sale.
You were never going to do what I wanted,
And it wasn’t going to work.
You were about 6 hours away from being someone else’s horse.
You had no idea that someone was coming to look at you Thursday morning,
But it was true.
But then, on that Wednesday I realized I loved you way to much, our bond was way too strong, and you had given me way too much for me to give up on you.
So I decided to give it one last shot.
And I’m so happy I did.
It’s been almost four years since that first day and we stand here.
Both totally changed.
I never thought we would be this close, this together, we are like one heart beating.
You have taught me so much over the years but mostly that everything happens for a reason.
I told you I would never give up, I almost did, but I swear to you now, I never will.
I love you.
We compete together, you’re always by my side, you are my life, my best friend, and my other half.
There have been so many times I’ve wanted to let you go but there have also been so many times I’ve wanted to thank you for all you’ve given me, and all you will continue to give me.
I don’t know where I’d be without you.
I love you, Polo. Don’t ever forget that.

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