What is Art?

November 23, 2011
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I could never describe art to you,
for art is everything.
It is within every being,
expressing the deeper
that it finds,
in a vivid way as unique
as each being is.
It is a living thing;
A force within us,
within the tapestry of the world,
That brings us to the edge
of inspiration,
and shows us the colors for which
we could never have a name;
but, a name would ruin them anyway.
A deep, philosophical question, it is,
Ornately beautiful in its intricacy
and contrasting simplicity.
It is an opening of our minds,
and perceiving life in a universal way
and an independent, individualistic way.
It could be
The splash of paint on a canvas,
The slow, steady creation of lines
on a blank sheet of paper
that open eyes see as being
the opposite of blank--
filled with endless possibility;
It is photographs
of the places that our souls
yearn to travel to,
to soak up, and absorb,
as paper absorbs the ink
that gives it identity.
Art is everything between
possible and impossible,
imaginable and outlandish,
controlled and chaotic,
peaceful, and reckless.
There are some who question
its existence,
Who cannot accept it for what it is,
because they try to contain it
Within borders that could not
Hold it back.
They give up on it,
because they do not understand it.
I don't believe anyone can fully understand it.
But, art--
it's what makes life beautiful,
and worth living.

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