November 8, 2011
By soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
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I heard my parents fight,
I saw them sign the divorce papers.

I saw my mom struggle with payments,
while my dad got remarried.

I dealt with my new brother,
held my half sister.

I've seen relationships crumble.
I've been told lies.

Love isn't real.
That's why I'm guarded.

I have friends,
but I don't let it get to personal.

Guys can't break my wall,
it's built with steel and iron.

Nobody knows who I really am,
They know my name not my story.

I'm guarded,
I don't let anyone in,
I live in fear of being hurt.
In being broken.

I will forever be guarded.

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