The Nightmare of Her Life

November 8, 2011
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Shhhhh no one can hear
No one can know about the pain in here
Hush don’t let out a tear for you are worth more than your fear
Keep it all in don’t let it out because we don’t have time to sit and pout
Just don’t let him see what I really feel just make him think this love is real
No one has to see my pain
No one has to hurt again
Your words will pierce sharper than any blade
Your taunting words turned me to clay
Shape me in any form because this has become the norm
Reality never feels right I wish this night mere would end tonight
I could wake up happy again instead of happiness being only pretend
All this hurt would be all over and I would have a dryer shoulder
No more tears fear or pain
I wouldn’t have to see his face again
The curtain could finally close and it would all be over but who knows
Maybe this is all just a really bad dream and it isn’t real
Maybe I don’t feel what I think I feel
That would be nice but it isn’t true
All of this I go through because of three little words the words that can pierce right through even you
And then those two little words I wish I could undo
Those five awful words I wish I could forget but no you have me in a net
I should have never said I love you I should have never said I do

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musiccrazy said...
Dec. 22, 2011 at 3:04 pm
I didn't change anything on this poem I just re-submitted it so it is now under my screen name
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