Family Feud

November 18, 2011
By Olivia7 BRONZE, Cavecreek, Arizona
Olivia7 BRONZE, Cavecreek, Arizona
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He said “I hate you, you piece of crap!”
I fought back my tears and couldn’t bear to say it back.
For no matter what he did, it wasn’t true.
My baby brother who I nurtured and tried to be kind to
has turned against me.
I walk away and he comes out of the bathroom.
I wait for him in silence.
He comes to me his face filled with tears of anger
blotched and red, creased and gnarled by pure and bitter hate.
He swings back his fist and punches me in the stomach.
It doesn’t hurt my body, but it hurts my heart.
I clench my fists and do nothing but stumble back a little bit and remember my karma.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a first response to a bitter fight my brother and I had. It is completely unedited because writing should be fresh for such a raw, personal subject such as this. Please enjoy :)

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