Falling Petals

November 7, 2011
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The house is quiet until I start the music.
The music that awakens the floorboards.
The floorboards dance beneath my feet, encouraging me to join them.
As I meet them half way I loose myself.
Lost in the thought of nothing.
Nothing is running through my mind, it's completely blank.
Blank as a new sheet of paper, waiting to have inspiration brought to it.
I'll bring inspiration into my own life.
My life could be written on to make a novel, or tossed away; maybe made into a paper airplane or rose.
A rose that can grow to be the most beautiful of all. Or a rose that will tell me when to fall in love.
All the struggles, fears and worries causing the stem to break.
Breaking as the precious petals brown and fall.
Fall into the desk on the old table, where a family once sat.

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