November 9, 2011
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In bed I've lain with my thoughts alone
Powered by turbulence I cannot withstand

I thrash about, no grief vanquished

Clutching to blankets with twitching hands.

My entire body tense, in need of relief

My eyes in frantic search of peace

My spirit demands soothing temperament

My mind cries out for simple release;

For chains needn't be an iron attachment

Remaining steadfast to object nor wall,

No, my chains are countless hindrances

Making me stumble until I fall.

Only at nighttime may I remember this

As I peer out my window at the moon's bright face,

And I know I can't alter the course of your mind

but my deep-seated emotions cannot be erased.

Yes, these are the ingredients of my strenuous dreams

That follow long after the repining trial

In which I am traversing a dismal avenue

Each step weighed down from regret and self-denial.

And what curses me most is such reality:

Heaving along massive fragments of intellect

is undoubtedly abstruse, but with strength, lifted above-

Whereas no miseries are similarly endured

Like those of contempt and unrequited love.

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