Pond of Plastic Lillies

December 6, 2011
By russian BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
russian BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Waist deep in a pond of plastic lilies

larger than usual, about five times

mostly red, on the deeper side

but a few lighter shades, without entering pink
It’s pretty much motionless in the pond of plastic lilies

besides the slightest ripple, from the hardly present wind

of both me and the plastic lilies
It’s an endless pond, at least from my perspective
I presume I am in the middl, but can’t confirm

water and plastic lilies as far as the eye can see

at least my eye
And the water, most amazing, and completely complementary to the plastic lilies

It’s pretty much the typical clear blue,

but it ever so slightly seems to sparkle the most magnificent-

diamond-esk sparkle from every shade of the rainbow
but it’s only caught out of the corner of the eye

and from the corner of the eye, the little sparkle manifests into-

the most spectacular sparkle you’ve ever seen

lust-worthy, you search for more, almost addictive

but soon, you stop, and decide to cherish each sparkle as it is

and only hope for at least one more to shine
In the pond of plastic lilies and spectacular sparkles

the mind is free, the body is free
I soon enter a state like no other

I no longer know if I’m alive or dead

it doesn’t matter
I still feel like in in the pond
I still think I see the plastic lilies
My mind is still manifesting spectacular sparkles

but I can’t tell if it’s real

or if my eyes are open or closed

or even if the pond of plastic lilies is still motionless

is there even a hardly present wind

have the ripples disappeared or intensified
The only person I suppose you’d ask is the Sun

I do remember the Sun
In the pond of plastic lilies the Sun was the life if it all

the creator of the spectacular sparkles

the life within the plastic lilies

and the gates from which the pond once flowed
In my newly entered state, the Sun seems to be the only real presence
Have I left the pond of plastic lilies and spectacular sparkles

the place I felt most free

a place of true bliss

It doesn’t matter
I have reached a place far greater than the pond of plastic lilies
A place far beyond, In which I feel I am the only one to ever enter.

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