December 6, 2011
There is an evil creature,
Deep inside me
More than just a character
I can feel him here
My Lust and my Greed
They were his seed
My Hate and everything Cruel
That is his fuel
He is a madman
While I strive to be a good man
A demon in his own right
I can only try to fight
But I never win
To this creature of Sin
I am not pure
But I'm the best I can be
This much is sure
All the evil inside of me
That's what he will show
No matter how often I say no
But it isn't just me
Open your eyes and see
He lives inside you
Feel it - it is True
Deep within us
Full of Hate and Lust
He is more than just a character
You can feel him in your soul here
And because he lives deep inside
No one can hide from Hyde

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