Dear Bully,

December 6, 2011
By BrookeElizabeth SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
BrookeElizabeth SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Live your life freely, don't be scared to fall."

Why must you pick on innocent people?
Why must you make their lives a living hell?
Pushing them,
Calling them names,
Ugly, fat, stupid
Killing their self-esteem.

All the hell,
You've put them through
Scarred them for life
They can't be in a relationship,
Fearing that they're being tricked.
Never believes someone when they say they're beautiful,
Because you called them ugly and fat daily.

Pat yourself on the back
For making them miserable.
I hope you're happy,
Watching the news,
Seeing that they commited suicide.

Why don't we clap,
Clap for the bullies,
Who bullied and bullied,
Until they screamed, "I've had enough!"
And took their life?

The author's comments:
Made it from everything I see about bullying and from my own experiences from being bullied most of my childhood.

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