December 6, 2011
By eighty-sixCrowns BRONZE, Revere, Massachusetts
eighty-sixCrowns BRONZE, Revere, Massachusetts
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Where are these scars from?
My bandages are undone,
Leaving my wounds to bleed.
Cuts, scrapes, and welts drip
Of red life as I sleep.
Awakened, I’m found, emptied.
My timid heart was pounding.
I could feel my veins resounding.
The whimpers of my blood echoed.
All my emotions
Uttered and made commotion,
‘Rebuke fear and turn to gold!’
But my body couldn’t handle.
Stress has left me mangled;
My skin began to tear.
There were wars deep within
And fights I couldn’t win,
Arteries burst and cheer.
Scars are no longer crying,
Nor weeping or sighing,
For now, my insides are free!
The wounds begin to heal
Pain, I can no longer feel
For my veins have conquered me!

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