December 6, 2011
By sweetbasil2013 BRONZE, Dalton, Nebraska
sweetbasil2013 BRONZE, Dalton, Nebraska
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I love you daddy
why don't you love me
I try so hard to make you happy

why don't you love me daddy
you never has
mommy says you didn't want me

but if you didn't want me
why did you come back

do you just
want to hurt me
am I good enough for you yet

I go to school
I get good grades
I never drink or smoke

I love you daddy
why don't you love me

did I do something wrong
did I mess up your plan
am I not good enough daddy

Daddy please,
Daddy Why
Daddy what makes you hate me

Daddy love me
please Daddy

now as I cry tonight
I know its because
you don't love me daddy
but, daddy I don't know why

Is there something wrong
with me daddy
would you love me if I had been a boy

am i not what you wanted

do you drink because of me daddy
or because of something else
why do you hit me daddy
I don't understand
I worry about my brothers and sisters
do you hit them too I hope not
I let you hit me because I
don't want you to hit them too
so I let you hit me
but why do you hate me daddy

its okay daddy
i wished you loved me
but its okay daddy
because I'm a big girl now

and daddy before I go
I hope you know
I love you daddy

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