December 6, 2011
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The rumors the lies
Before you know it another heart dyes
The scars unwritten
The blood thats drippin'
They were suppose to be your secret
No ones suppose to know
With out the mask, who are you?

The tears you shed
The scars that once bleed
Its hard to breath
Its hard to see
You feel your world crashing down
Your starting to drown

Gasping for air
No one else would dare
No one else would have the courage
The strength
To hold on like you do
You feel your fingers slippin'
You feel the cut deepen
Your consciousness is slippin'
The world, the pain
its all finally endin'

You cant help but to ask
Do i hold on?
Do i let go?
What will others think?
Who will others see?
I'm still human
I'm still me
Cant u see by the way my wrist bleeds?

Shaking crying
Wondering Why do i feel like I'm dying
You wonder how the others always smile
Your wonder if your just in denial
You cant understand why the others aren't cryin'
You call yourself weak
An silly nameless thing
You cant see the strength I see in you
You cant see the the perfect heart that has always shone through

Breath my friend
You are forever
You are happiness
You are pain
You are perfect
Even when i call u insane
Your heart your will
Your smile the way u feel
Dont try to forget any of it
Its who you are.
Its who you will always be
Its the girl i see.
Its amber.
The heart i hate to see bleed.

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